Cafe Musico (Feb 17)


West Newbury, VT – Outstanding local musicians will play to benefit the West Newbury Hall at the Hall’s second Cafe Musico, Friday, February 17. The cafe opens at 6:00 for chili and cornbread ($6), sweets and drinks ($1-2), and will be open all evening. The music sets start at 7:00 ($7).

Doug Perkins of Washington, VT, “the hottest flat-pick guitarist in Vermont”, is a virtuosic acoustic player. A contributor to many bands, he is a master of multiple genres from jazz to bluegrass to classical. He’s considered “one of the most versatile and inventive flat-pickers around.”

The duo Don & Jenn of Bradford, VT, make and teach music in Vermont and beyond. Guitarist and songwriter Don Sinclair has been making music for over 30 years, drawing on rock, jazz and folk. Jenn Grossi adds her warm, expressive voice and her potent songwriting abilities.

Aaron Johnson, Newbury, VT, is, simply, the most exciting banjo player in Vermont. His roots are in jazz rather than blue grass and he has a “totally unique ability to improvise, to take a melodic phrase and interpret it in infinite ways.”

Wild Roots is a collaboration of singer songwriters Thomas Chapin of Bradford and Rowe Williams, West Newbury. Known for rich vocal harmonies and lyrics that generate “energy and wisdom through the gift of music,” they craft memorable, original tunes from their signature blend of folk, pop, bluegrass and rock.

Cafe Musico is sponsored by the West Newbury Hall Committee which operates and maintains this treasured community venue, now in its second hundred years. Volunteers and musicians are donating their time and talents to support the purchase of new stage curtains. New lighting was installed thanks to the first Cafe Musico. With curtains the Hall will become a worthy venue for The Rock Farmer Roadshow and multiple other performances held there.

For more information and directions, please visit the Hall’s website: or e-mail