Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the program work?

Simply make a purchase of goods or services from five different Chamber member businesses during the contest period (April 2-28th, 2018) and save your receipts or proof of purchase.  The purchases can be for any amount.  E-mail or mail your receipts along with your name, address. email address and phone number to the Chamber to be entered into the contest.  Email copies or photos of receipts to or mail them to Cohase Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 35, Wells River, VT  05081.  You may also text images of your receipts to 802-518-0030 or upload them at our WEB site using the form at the right.  Submissions must be received or be postmarked by Saturday, April 28, 2018.

A $100 winner of “Cohase Cash” will be drawn on Friday, May 4.  Its easy and fun!  You can probably make all 5 purchases in one day.  For example, a qualifying scenario could include buying a cup of coffee and a muffin, filling up your car with gasoline, stopping at a bank ATM to withdraw or deposit money, picking up a sandwich for lunch and picking up some groceries on the way home from work.  No purchase necessary to enter the contest.   If you wish to enter without making a purchase, please see the topic “Can I Enter Without Making A Purchase?”

What does $100 in “Cohase Cash” mean?

“Cohase Cash” refers to our intention for the winnings to be spent at businesses who belong to the Cohase Chamber of Commerce.  The winnings can be spent at any current member Chamber businesses.  The winner will need to notify the Chamber of where they would like to spend their winnings.  The Chamber will then supply the winner with gift card(s)/certificate(s)  from the business(es) and/or a Chamber gift certificate for use at businesses that do not have gift cards/certificates available.   If a Chamber gift certificate is issued, a check will be supplied to the desired business along with the winner’s name and the winner may present the Chamber gift certificate in exchange for goods or services. In some cases, a direct credit to a person’s account will be made where appropriate.  Winners may choose to split the winnings among as many as many as four businesses or simply choose to redeem it at one business.

Other than retail businesses, what other businesses qualify?

Any member business or organization qualifies!  In addition to standard retail establishments, service businesses, banks, non-profit organizations and medical facilities qualify. Any member where you have transacted business is acceptable.  Some examples of qualifying purchases include (but are not limited) to the following:

  • Gasoline purchases
  • Oil or propane purchases
  • Insurance premiums
  • Gym membership payments
  • Meals at restaurants
  • Bank Transactions (proof of banking services such as an ATM receipt are acceptable)
  • Donations to non-profit organizations
  • Payments for medical services
  • Business services such as WEB design, computer support, financial services, legal services, etc.
  • Advertising services in local media
  • Equipment rental
  • Transit services
  • Car repair or maintenance services
  • Farm Co-Op or Farm Share Payments
  • Event ticket purchases
  • Real estate purchases
  • Vehicle purchases

How do I verify if a business is a member of the Chamber?

You must verify that the Chamber is a member by going to our WEB site at and clicking the Business Directory menu item at the top of the page.  Alternatively, you can go directly to the member listing page at our WEB site by clicking here.

The listing is continually updated as new members join.  Members will not be removed from the listing after the start of the contest.  Please note that businesses who were previously members do not qualify and the display of the Cohase Chamber sticker/cling at a business location does not guaranty the business is a current member in good standing.

How many times can I enter?

You can enter as many times as you like as long as additional entries represent purchases at five different businesses than you included in your prior submission(s.)  Only one receipt per business is acceptable per person per contest. Multiple people also cannot submit the same receipt.

I am concerned with my privacy? What needs to be on the receipt to qualify?

The receipt or proof of purchase only needs to include the following information:

  • The name of the business (Business must be a current Chamber member)
  • The date of purchase (Date of purchase must be
  • The amount of the purchase or transaction

Copies of checks or credit card receipts are acceptable as long as they show the information listed above.

If you wish to black out any identifying information, you are welcome to do so.  All receipts will be shredded and all emailed receipts will be deleted after the drawing is completed and the winner is acknowledged.

Will you running the program again?

If the program proves successful, we plan to run the contest at least once a quarter.  If we choose to run the contest again, you can submit new receipts for a business you used in a prior contest.

Why are you running this contest?

The contest is primarily intended to increase awareness of local member businesses as well as to reward people who choose to shop locally.  We also want to recognize those businesses who are members of the Cohase Chamber of Commerce and encourage businesses who may not be members to join the Chamber.  We also wish to encourage traffic to our WEB site and to increase access to our online Business Directory.

Can In Enter Without Making a Purchase?

Yes.  If you wish to enter without making a purchase, please provide a listing of five area businesses you like and provide 5-6 sentences describing what you find special about these businesses.

Win $100* for doing business locally!

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