We were pleased to speak recently with Zach Conley, owner of K & R Portable Restrooms, LLC.. K & R provides portable restrooms and toilets for construction sites, camps, schools, events and more.  They are located at 85 Dame Hill Road in Orford, NH.  You can reach them by phone at (603) 353-4106, by email at krportabletoilet@gmail.com and also on Facebook.

How did you get started in this business?

I started working with Kevin Ricker, who was the original owner back in 2010.  We partnered up in 2012 and the whole process was geared towards me buying the company and taking it over.  I bought it and took ownership of it in the latter part of 2015 and have been running it ever since.

How many employees do you have at K & R?

Right now, not including myself, I have three employees.  This includes two service people and one part-time who helps in the office.

How many units does your company have and how widely distributed are they?

Right now, I have 386 units.  All of them are out at the current time.  We have a pretty big service area and go on both sides of the Connecticut River in both New Hampshire and Vermont.  Our service area is about 100 miles North to South and about 60 miles East to West.  Dartmouth College is one of our big customers as is Hanover High School and Hanover Parks & Recreation.  We have a really solid client list and serve construction sites, schools, stores and we provide units for many special events like graduation parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, etc.

Other than portable toilets, does your business provide any other services?

People have asked me if we would diversify and go into other areas like providing tents for events but we have no plans to do so.  I feel like the company is focused on one thing and we provide a very good service doing that one thing.  I came into a business that was well established. The reputation of the business and word-of-mouth has really been our best source of new business.  Over the past few years, the business has continued to grow and I have worked to make the business even better moving forward.  Since portable restrooms is all we do and focus on, I feel like we provide an even better service in the industry.  We offer a variety of unit styles including units that have flushing toilets and sinks. Our event units are typically brand new each year and they all have lights and hand sanitizer.

I have to ask..what happens to the contents?

The contents get transported to a water treatment facility in Hanover.  All of the chemicals we use are biodegradable and really not much different than dish soap.  There’s no longer formaldehyde in the chemicals which used to be the case for portable toilets.    Human waste is not even considered hazardous waste in the form that we take it away in.  So, it’s all safe but I would not advise drinking it!