Gary Goodwin
Founder and CEO
Hydro and Aquatic Therapy Studio, Inc.
Not for Profit, 501(c))3)

What is the Hydro and Aquatic Center all about?

It is about people, health, fitness, wellbeing and happiness! Three years ago I realized that there is a need to be filled and that need is an aquatic fitness and wellness center for all.


Our community is rural and people needing aquatic physical therapy are forced to travel 20 miles or more to receive it. This facility will serve not only patients with post operative needs, but will also host weight loss classes, prenatal classes, infant rescue, conditioning therapy for ailments such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and Scoliosis, and conditioning and toning for all ages. Public swimming pools are not designed for therapy use.


I started studying the benefits of aquatic exercise and conditioning and talked to many in the medical community. I found that I had the support to make a difference, and we are taking the first step in creating an aquatic center to serve our local communities.


Quotes and estimates are being made for the therapy pools and other necessary equipment.  Funding is a key component of the project, and financial support from the community is indispensable. The creation of a facility like this is not a quick and easy task, but we fully expect to be successful in the completion of the center.  As we move forward we will keep everyone in the loop with progress reports and photos.


Thank you for your generous support!


Gary Goodwin