2340 US Route 5
Fairlee, VT  05045
(802) 923-6339

Root 5 Farm is a certified organic vegetable farm located on 38 acres in Fairlee, Vermont, along
the Connecticut River. The fertile river bottom soils provide a rich environment for growing
over 100 different varieties of vegetables. Root 5 Farm is owned by Benner Dana and Danielle

The farm has been certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF) since 2006.  We’re
dedicated to growing practices that use a holistic approach to soil fertility, pest control and
plant and animal health. We build our soil through crop rotation, cover cropping, and minimal
tillage. We’re committed to a healthy workplace, environment, and community, and our
products are infused with that attention. You’ll taste the difference!
Products from Root 5 Farm are sold through local farmers’ markets, CSA memberships, local
restaurants, and local coop food stores.