Upper Valley Services


Lisa Culbertson
267 Waits River Road
Bradford, VT 05033
(802) 222-9235


Mission Statement

Upper Valley Services, Inc. offers individuals with developmental disabilities the assistance and training they require to live in comfort and work productively in their community.

Upper Valley Services is a non-profit organization that provides services to individuals with developmental disabilities.  UVS was created in 1986 by family members of individuals needing services.  Our governance continues to be provided by a Board of Directors made up of family members of individuals with developmental disabilities and direct consumers of our supports.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to receive supports from UVS, an individual must have a diagnosis of developmental disabilities or pervasive developmental disorder which occurred before age 18, and have substantial deficits in adaptive behavior prior to the age of 18.

Services Available

  • Residential alternatives include supports to individuals residing in their family home, their own apartments and in developmental homes.
  • Community services include supports to individuals in developing leisure, recreational and social opportunities.  Connections are centered on assisting the individual to become an integral community member.
  • Employment supports assist the individual to assess and explore career options.  Employment coaches develop job placements and provide training and ongoing support for the employee to maintain their job.
  • Family services encompass education and training supports to family members, respite, and in-home support for ongoing therapies and personal care needs.
  • Crisis supports are available through a program managed by UVS for individuals statewide.  Short term intervention is provided to all Vermont agencies, supporting individuals with developmental disabilities, through consultation and training.  Two short-term emergency residential sites can also be accessed in crisis situations.
  • Service Planning & Coordination include case management supports to assist with eligibility determination, transition planning through life’s milestones, and monitoring service delivery.

Program Sites

  • Bradford
    267 Waits River Rd.
    Bradford, VT  05033
    (802) 222-9235
  • Randolph
    12 Prince Street
    Randolph, VT  05060
    (802) 728-4476
  • Moretown and VCIN
    PO Box 719
    Moretown, VT 05660
    (802) 496-7830
  • Brattleboro
    Park St.
    Brattleboro, VT 05301
    (802) 348-7468