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Thank you for lending your expertise to assist local entrepreneurs in getting their new businesses started and/or helping them evaluate the viability of their business ideas.  Please use the form on the right to sign up as a resource.   Be sure to click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form to send your information.

Your name, town of residence, email and phone number will be shared with local entrepreneurs who are looking for local connections and local advice. 

Please Note:
Your participation as an advisor is strictly voluntary and not compensated, and the extent you choose to become involved with an interested party is up to you. Answering questions via phone or email would be the minimum expectation and the degree you wish to become more involved is strictly your choice.

People seeking to use our resource list will be advised that the participation of our Small Business Advisors is strictly voluntary, and they are not compensated. While you can expect them to do their best to answer your questions via phone or email, their involvement beyond this level should not be expected although they may choose to do so. As in any relationship, doing your homework and treating people with respect will likely bring the most value to you.

Sponsored by the Haverhill Entrepreneurial Encouragement Committee and Cohase Chamber of Commerce:


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