The Lower Cohase region comprises six towns, with over 13 villages, situated on either shore of the Connecticut River. Each of our communities is distinct. On the west side of the river is Orange County, Vermont and the towns of BradfordFairlee, and Newbury. The town of Newbury includes the villages and districts of Newbury, West Newbury, and Wells River. On the east bank of the river is Grafton County, New Hampshire and the towns of HaverhillOrford, and Piermont. The town of Haverhill includes the villages and districts of Center Haverhill, East Haverhill, Haverhill Corner, Mountain Lakes, North Haverhill, Pike, and Woodsville.

Since colonial times, the towns in our region have been linked, and today they continue to cooperate and compete despite being in two different states. Four highway bridges cross the river and link them at the north, in the middle, and at the southern end of the region. Residents live, work, and shop both sides of the river. The local fire mutual aid district includes departments from both the New Hampshire and Vermont towns of our region, and often those departments that work the most closely together are from the neighboring state. Police can and do respond as needed cross-river and the regional ambulance service also serves the regional towns in both states. Many students attend school (high school or vocational) on the ‘other’ side of the river, and the region includes one of only two interstate school districts in the United States. Truly, the beautiful river valley we share is a uniting factor in our lives.

We have prepared a historical tours through seven of these villages. If you are looking for more ‘factual’ information about our towns and villages, please visit each town’s site.